Ad posting/spam policy

BuySmartly ad placing/spam policy

When you place a classified ad on this website, you are agreeing that you have read and understood our statement regarding our ad posting policy which is described below, along with our legal terms of service.


Please do not attempt to spam our service.

We define altering your descriptions/title slightly as spam if it is essentially the same ad that is already on our system and you cannot place the same ad more than once either in the same or in different categories.

You may not add words or phrases into your ad title or description that are there for the sole purpose of returning your ad for more search phrases. This is known as "keyword stuffing" and is not permitted. Your ad must be readable and the content must reflect the item/service being advertised and nothing else.

You may not place your ad in an inappropriate category. You may only place a single ad for your product/service/item in the one most suitable category. Please do not post more than one ad for the same product or service.

You may not include any text, links, graphics, content or other elements in your ad which are not directly related to the item/product/service being advertised.

We do not accept ads for any Illegal products/services, or anything of dubious legality.

We do not accept ads for steroids or anything steroid related.

We do not accept ads for pornography or anything pornography related.

We do not accept any advertisements for websites or services which could be considered as competing with buysmartly, such as other advertising services.

Violations or our terms of service and ad posting policy will result in the account being locked/deleted without warning.

By placing an ad, you are agreeing that you've read and understood this ad posting/spam policy along with the rest of our legal terms of service.

Note: We do not accept adult ads or ads containing adult images - this is a family site.